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Hola mi amigo!

Well, what do you think? Kinda crazy stuff eh? How are you feeling about it all? I feel fine, where I am is fine. I know this will pass and we will be changed, our generation will go down in history and the Mother Earth will sigh a big breath.

In the meantime, we are in lockdown (sort of) in Sayulita. The beach is closed. It is so cute, the surfer boys are hanging in the alley playing reggae while the waves come in perfect sets... but they are hurting... surfing is their love.

We are still free to come and go in town (but not out of town, sort of). But wow it is so nice to have empty streets. The kids have had a ball biking around with no traffic. People are being respectful of the situation. They are very aware but not crazy. I am taking my vitamins and thinking good thoughts.

Change of subject, k? The Lady is beautiful, thanks to Cory and Miranda. She has missed all you girlfriends coming in the front door chatting about life…

Now for the exciting part!

Shop In-Store By Appointment

We have set it up for you to come shopping! Although this will be done by appointment only, as your well-being is our top priority at this time. We have decided the best way for us to ease our way back to “normal” is to limit the number of guests in store by pre-booking your artful shopping experience.

Simply visit to book.

(Psst… we are also offering everyone exclusive savings when you book your appointment. You will also receive details of our shopping guidelines and sanitary expectations once booked.)

For those of you still cautious to go out shopping, we are posting some of our fabulous wares on our Facebook and Instagram pages for you to look through. And if something catches your eye, send over a private message to purchase and arrange for pickup or FREE delivery within Brandon.

Well, gonna go now and work on a new song. The last one I wrote was for my dear friend Heather Garden, called “Sweet Molly”. Now I want to work on one that was inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh.

He makes the analogy that we are like trees in a storm when trying to weather strong emotions. The heart and the head like the small branches swaying in the wind... he says, “you should not stay at the level of your heart and head”, “focus on your trunk which is one centimeter below your navel, breathe into that place.” The storm will pass. And he says practice daily. Okay, let’s do it.

The sun is shining, love to you and yours, xo B

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