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Sending Virtual Hugs

Hello, nice to talk to you again. I am sending best wishes to you in these unprecedented COVID times. How can I help you? I’d love to talk.

Lady of the Lake is hanging in there thanks to loyal supporters like yourself. Here’s how you can continue to help us. Keep us in your thoughts... let us know how we can make your life easier... could we deliver you lunch, could we make you a six pack of green juice to keep you energized, or pack up any of our signature sauces to take home (see below)... could we deliver a cute gift to your friend in town, could we make a dozen gluten free biscuits for your freezer, or a birthday pie, and could we give you a big (virtual) kiss on the cheek to say thank you! Call for a conversation with the shop (204)724-4181 or cafe (204)726-8785.

Exciting News... We will be expanding our hours in September after the long weekend to include Sunday and Monday!

SHOP HOURS: 7 days a week 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

CAFE HOURS 7 days a week 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (Still no Friday nights for a while.)

So, what is up with me? Well, I have spent a special summer making crafts with the grand-girlies, Olivia and Lucy and watching Nas at the skate park... watch out! We have champions on our hands. Can’t get much better than that for me.

Plus, I have had some lake time with my friend Maureen... swimming in the cool waters of Clear Lake. We are having so much fun.

What else is up at the Lady?

We have some of our beautiful clothes on sale “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE” in the shop... What a great chance to purchase quality fabric and design. Plus, you will look smashing! (Pick out a triple layer, cotton mask to match!)

Fall looks awesome in the shop... Cory has arranged a pleasingly beautiful array of fall colours and merchandise. It is a spark for the senses, come and see.

Miranda & Cory are setting up our online store! In times of COVID, online is the place to be. After getting her degree in Media Arts, Miranda is loving creating this beautiful online store for Lady of the Lake. More info shortly.

Fresh, gorgeous baking is coming out of the cafe as well as bottled sauces and salsas. Come and nibble. Kaleigh is being creative and it tastes delicious. Don't forget we make a fabulous Eggs Benny on Saturday (and soon to be Sunday as well!)

A big welcome to our new Cafe Manager Steffen, who looks so handsome working out in the restaurant. Be sure and introduce yourself to him. Plus the rest of the Lords and Ladies await your visit. Come for tea!

Thanks again for your help. Big virtual HUG! XoB



Autumn is just around the corner and with just a few key additions or changes to your space, you can set a totally different mood with ease.

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend: A Touch Of Nature

Especially in these stressful times, creating a soothing respite is so important. Adding touches of nature to the home can instantly offer a calming effect. A few simple ways to do exactly that include creating some flower or foliage arrangement (think burlap sunflowers) or lighting a candle that provides the feeling of fall. We carry locally poured Soy Harvest candles in scents like "Autumn Snuggle", "Back Country", and "Tree Tops". They will transport you down nature's trail.


JARS TO TAKE HOME - soups, sauces & dressings -

1 Litre Soup & 2 Fresh Biscuits

Fresh Salsa & Garlic Hummus

Fruit Jam & Lemon Curd

Mango Chutney

Thai Peanut Sauce

Russian Mustard & Chipotle Mayo

Sun-Dried Tomato Ketchup 

Caesar & Ranch Dressing

Balsamic & Saskatoon Vinaigrette

Crazy Nut Bar - very healthful with lots of nuts and seeds, low in sugar.

Granola - a Stobbe family favourite. Made with oats, olive oil, honey, mixed nuts and fruits. Perfect breakfast food.

Truffles - Handmade with Fair Trade Callebaut chocolate.

Kombucha - Fermented in house, flavoured with lots of fruit. 

Smoothies & Fresh Juice - made to order, custom blends available.


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