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Adios mi amigos:

In Mexico we say adios whether we are coming or going…right now I am going so I am saying adios for the season. Thank you so much for your support my friends. I really do appreciate you all!

And how are you? Dreamin’? Dreamin’ about all the possibilities that a new year brings? Let me know what you are thinking!

We have done some rearranging here at the Lady and have compiled all of our ‘Holiday Decor’ upstairs in the Sale Attic at 50% off. Plus the whole shebango upstairs is 25% off as well. Great art, lamps, quilts, sheets, candles, home decor and pillows…on sale until the end of January ONLY!!

We have beautiful new product arranged in, what we call, ‘Black & White and Rad All Over’. Enjoy various shades of white/taupe/grey and black displayed in a bedroom setting. Come and see how this colour scheme could work in your home. Cathie and Melissa are here to help with any decorating questions.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.”

-Nate Berkus

I love all my homes. My big home in Brandon is warm and inviting. Wnith a relaxed, vintage style it welcomes many guests and we enjoy simple food around our south kitchen window. My little home in Mexico (actually a trailer) is small and quaint. With a slightly bohemian decor and sunlit patio I enjoy the quiet moments by the sea as well as the busy ones jamming with friends and looking after my little people. Can’t wait to watch the crazy little boys flippin’ and floppin’ on their boogie boards in the waves.

Okay, off to fit a few more things in my suitcase. I will talk to you very soon.

I hope you feel very at HOME at the Lady! xoB

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