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The real secret to life...

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

The Fabulous Life


I found this quote on an old calendar and thought it summed up life nicely,

“The real secret to the fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight.”

So, what does your fabulous imperfect life look like this summer? What do you have planned?

I am off on another adventure to Ashland, Oregon to participate in a Raw Food Retreat. Gonna go and crunch on some carrots and stir up some treats. I’ll be back the end of July. Off I go to experience and learn with great delight!

The Lady is humming along beautifully. The shop looks gorgeous and the clothes this year are just amazing. Please come and have a browse, we appreciate it.

The Cafe is busy busy, with Friday nights getting more popular with our $15 steak feature and our free nachos from 4:00 to 6:00pm. There are always fab musicians Fridays from 8:00 to 10:00, the calendar is online at Reservations for Friday are always a good idea... 204-726-8785.

Sad news about Abby Rose... it is closed permanently. In that block on Rosser we lost the Wildflower, Abby Rose and the Cinnamon Tree (new location on 10th St.)... a great loss for downtown. We have a pretty downtown that really needs these types of businesses, but there is something really off with what is going on down there. Any thoughts?

Sara from Abby Rose will be working at Lady of the Lake doing social media, hostessing and working in the shop. If you are missing her cheery smile, come and give her a hug.

Okay, gotta run... I really hope you are living the fabulous life... imperfect as it is.

Love from B

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