Daly Overpass Project Construction Update

Daly Overpass Project Construction Update – EDB#17, September 29, 2022

** Stickney Avenue is OPEN to the motoring public.**


What is happening during the next two weeks?


- Reconstruction of the Parker Boulevard intersection with 18th Street North including new underground utilities and signal structure install continues. Work will begin on the west side of 18th Street taking approximately 4 weeks to complete, with an end of October 2022 projected completion date. This work will necessitate switching traffic flow to the east side of the intersection and closure of southbound lanes.


- Bridgework within the Stickney to Pacific Avenue construction area, involving both sides of Stickney Avenue is ongoing. Work includes the construction of formwork, including rebar and the pouring of concrete pads and columns.


- Work on the pedestrian bridge crash wall including foundation preparation and the hauling of gravel to the site is ongoing.


- Embankment construction work continues within the Stickney Avenue construction area resulting in excavation vehicles and large trucks hauling gravel via 17th Street North.


- Sewer and water infrastructure work is ongoing on the Pacific Avenue loop and Stickney Avenue.


- Underground work related to the traffic light at 18th and Rosser Avenue.


Vehicular Traffic Implications to Note


- ** Stickney Avenue is open to the motoring public.**


- Road construction in the area of the intersection of 18th Street North and Parker Boulevard area continues resulting in multiple lane closures. However single lane traffic flow in both directions on 18th Street will continue. Minor traffic delays should be expected. This work will necessitate switching traffic flow to the east side of the intersection and closure of southbound lanes.


- The temporary access to Advance Autobody and Kansteel was relocated to 19th Street to allow construction of a new domestic sewer main for the City of Brandon. Signage directing the motoring public is clearly visible.

While portions of 17th Street N and Stickney Avenue are closed during construction, business access is maintained for businesses in the impacted area. (See Maps depicting access.)


- The Pacific Avenue loop (moves traffic under the existing 18th Street bridge on the south side of the rail tracks) as well as Pacific Avenue between 15th Street and 18th Street remains closed to vehicular traffic. Local traffic only is allowed in certain areas. The travelling public may use Rosser Avenue or Princess Avenue to access 18th Street.


Detour signs are in place to guide traffic. This section of Pacific Avenue will be closed until approximately December 2022.

Pedestrian Traffic Implications to Note


- Existing temporary pedestrian access on Stickney/McDonald Avenue under the bridge connecting 17th Street and 19th

Street remains in place.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 1.04.40 PM.png
Current Construction Area
Detour Routes to Business