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Mikku Surinchii whaber




Full) 0:58 :  . Co-owner and head of the Nordic music group (and former band member) of Aude Vau as well as solo artist and member of the record label Berzerk Records: Mikku Surinchi. Mikku Surinchi is one of the most well-known and well-renowned electronic/dance music producers and DJs in Finland. His solo career as well as the projects of his record label Berzerk Records, he has been an active part of Finnish music for over a decade and has had several number one hits with his electronic dance projects. As a DJ, Mikku Surinchi always shows up at the top of the charts and his latest single ‘Tapet’ feat. Daz D is going to be released in January, 2015. ‘Tapet’, a unique song with a vivid psychedelic sound, takes a listener on a journey through the underworld, with dark grooves, funky riffs, sick effects and a lot of fun. Mikku Surinchi is currently working on a new electronic dance project, an audiovisual and physical live DJ set for the summer of 2015. Mikku Surinchi, the producer and the artist : I am Mikku Surinchi. I am a music producer and DJ. I am also a co-owner of the record label Berzerk Records. And a co-owner of the club (and bar) “Best Bar”. The Berzerk record label is known for its distinctive and eccentric collection of music, and the sonic variety of the releases. Berzerk records has been involved in events and festivals throughout Europe and Finland, all along the years. I have been a part of the music promotion scene in Finland for over a decade, and been involved in the music scene in Finland for over a decade. I’ve been involved in the music scene in Finland since the year 2000. I’ve been in numerous musical projects, such as the bands “C” and “BZ” and DJ projects like “Zero Hour” and “Soft Trance”. I’ve also played in a few bands as a guitarist, including the guitar player in the band “Dead Rhetoric”. I’ve also been involved in club/bar culture and the industry, and had



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Mikku Surinchii whaber
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