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We go to the addresses where the objects of the developer and contractor are located. It is better to do this on Saturday morning, when there are many residents walking with children on the playgrounds near the house. Ask them questions about the quality of the project, how the company keeps its promises - whether everything was delivered on time, and also take an interest in the pros and cons of the property developer or contractor. Don't be afraid, you won't be bitten

Tested in practice: all people answer questions objectively. Reviews on the network are often written by competitors about each other. There is a lot of fake information among these reviews. If you really want to know the truth about quality, talk to real residents.

Railway and industrial area next to a business class residential complex. (Photo from Sergey Smirnov's photobank)

If the developer passed your test and after the survey you left him in the lists of suitable options, it remains to find out how the project is being sold. To do this, you can order a professional analysis of the project. We in the company do this through the “Pulse of Sales” system - it collects data on all developers.


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