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Small Business, Big Heart


’Tis the season, and what a wonderful one at that. A time to let love shine through us. To tell our friends and family how important they are to us. To give a gift of appreciation. To make that special effort to get together for a magnificent feast.

Aren’t we the luckiest people on earth? Blessings abound.

I am counting you as one of my biggest blessings. We try to make Lady of the Lake a beautiful place to shop and eat, always keeping your comfort and joy in mind.

We provide jobs for 30 plus local people and support many local food and giftware producers. We are indeed a small business with a big heart.

I looked up the meaning of Christmas in the words of some famous people that I admire and this one struck me…

“It is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.” ~ Mother Teresa

Let’s keep Mother Teresa’s spirit going throughout the year. We are generous beings. Let’s give what we can to our fellow human… whether in a busy checkout line at the grocery store or in times of dire need.

I thank you for your generosity.

Blessed be… Love from Bridget and the amazing Lords and Ladies.

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