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Everything is Figureoutable

Good morning friend,

I was lucky enough to spend the month of October in Nelson, BC with Wes. We stayed in a cute little house and ate beautiful food, hiked and played music. I took several dance classes and visited with friends in this magical area of the country.

I also worked through Marie Forleo’s book, “Everything is Figureoutable”. It is a simple concept on how to make changes in your life by dispelling old beliefs and realizing how important our thinking is in creating our reality.

“You have more power than you think. Your mind is the most extraordinary tool you have to shape your reality.” Marie Forleo

Are you stuck in an area of your life? Would you like a support group? I will be hosting a get together four Saturdays in November, starting November 9th at 11:00 am, upstairs at Lady of the Lake in the private meeting room (Ginger’s Dance Studio). No cost, no frills, just tea and conversation.

I will also be hosting a dance class on these Saturdays at 10:00 am at Ginger’s come and learn some dance basics, no experience necessary. No charge.

Now down to business, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” at Lady of the Lake. Cory and his helpers have put together another amazing display of Christmas finery. Please come and wander and dream.

The Christmas Open House is scheduled for November 7th from 5-9pm. It is set up a little differently this year with goodies and wine upstairs at Ginger’s. Do come and see what we have to offer.

The staff in the shop would love to help you make your decorating ideas a reality. If you would like, I can come to your house or business to help fine tune your vision. Call 204-724-4346 to make an appointment. Free to the first 10 callers. Reg. $100 per hour.

My wish for you this month is to start creating the life you want. Start by tidying your house, getting rid of the clutter, dusting the mantle, filling your home with candles and pretty things.

With much gratitude, I thank you for your continued support of Lady of the Lake. We love what we do and hope it fills you up in some way.

Looking forward to a fabulous month. xo B.

At the Cottonwood Market in Cottonwood Park

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