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Calm is the new Superpower...

Hey, I wanted to tell you about the two Buddhist Nuns that are sharing their wisdom and guidance here at the Lady. They are hosting two meditation classes every Wednesday in Ginger’s Dance Studio upstairs, one at 3:00pm and the other at 6:00pm. I attended a class last week and was very impressed by the tools you receive to take you into a place of calm and peace. I highly recommend it, even if you only have time for one class. $10 is cheap to learn how to unleash your super power! ( More info > gingersdancestudio .com) So, how the heck have you been? It has been a while I know. All is well here on my home front. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you please. Fall at the Lady is a beautiful thing. The earth is turning colours and so have we. Come and have a browse and feel the transitioning season. And, we have the coziest sweaters and gloves to keep you warm. What’s new? Coming up on October 14th, the Lady of the Lake Cafe will be OPEN SUNDAYS for Lunch! The regular hours of 11:00am to 4:00pm with our usual yummy menu. Also starting on October 14th is ‘Afternoon High Tea’ from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. With one day advance reservation we will prepare a beautiful three-tiered service of sweet and savoury delicacies. Included is Tea, Coffee or Wine. $45 for two. Wear your best hat and gloves and bring Granny out for a little treat. Ohh, also on October 4th is the “Let’s Do Dinner’ evening including dinner, workshop and shopping. So, call the girlfriends and make a date, then call the shop and reserve your tickets. $25 per person plus tax and gratuity includes a lovely Cranberry Apple Chicken Dinner & Dessert, Fall Table-scape Presentation Workshop along with Fall Fashion Advice and shopping till 9:00pm with a $10 off coupon. Whew, should be a gooder! ( More info > 204-725-4181 ) My life is blessed with family and friends such as yourself. It is beautiful and sometimes a little too busy. So, I will breathe and calm myself and be in the moment. Enjoy the moments, it is all we have.

'Til next month... big hug... xoB

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