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Being a Flower...

I wanna be free

I wanna be here and now

Loving myself everyday I vow

Packing a punch

Packing my lunch

Finding my power

Being a flower!

Being a flower!

Being a flower!

Hi y’all, thought I would share the words from my new song, guess the name… “Being a Flower”.

The inspiration came from allowing ourselves to bloom where planted, not get hung up on the fact that life isn’t always perfect. Committing to loving ourselves and being present no matter what.

My favourite line is packing my lunch. You know how committed I am to good food. I don’t think I go anywhere without my cooler bag with greens, homemade keto/gluten free bread or muffins, maybe some goat cheese and lemon water.

I find it hard to find a good place to eat when I’m out and about except of course, Lady of the Lake! I know… I am tooting my own horn, but the food here is exceptional. We have a new item on the menu… a gluten free biscuit, homemade with our own gluten free flour mix. If you are trying to minimize gluten in your life (which we should all do), this is a little treat.

Can I tell you what is happening outside at the Lady this summer… Talia, the Tea Cup Truck, got a brand new, beautiful box. A perfect little stage for a busker. We will also be building a cute photo backdrop for those memorable trips to the Lady.

And… do stop by Friday evening… we have free nachos after 8:00pm with live music. There are some truly amazing musicians that grace our stage. Music lineup is always on our website

Oh… and Sunday, lunch and shopping… and 1/2 price kids meals! Bring granny and the kiddies and enjoy the summer air on the patio.

Till next month, enjoy the FLOWERS…

xo Bridget

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