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A Different Kind of High…

Hello, have you had a chance to breathe in the fragrant summer air? I love to take a moment and inhale the sweet scents and lush green this time of year. This is one kind of high…

Another kind of high is when I get a chance to go to a beautiful shop wherever I am. I get an excitement deep down that says maybe I will be finding something to take home, maybe I will be inspired to change something in my life, maybe I will awaken a bit more in the visual beauty of my surroundings. I love, love, love when I find these places. Here are a couple of my favourites, Pineridge Hollow outside Winnipeg, Two Old Hippies in Nashville, Tennessee, Land Haus Antiques outside Rivers, Jewels of Siam and Poor Michaels in Onanole, and many yet undiscovered. And, hopefully we have created that for you here at the Lady.

Then there is another high… High Tea. What a special time to invite a friend to reminisce and chit chat over tea and dainties. The name High Tea comes from the fact that it was eaten seated at a table around 6:00 o’clock. Afternoon Tea was taken whilst seated in comfy chairs. We have come to know High Tea as a multi-tiered presentation of sandwiches and cakes with tea in china cups, donning our hat and gloves, having a pleasant conversation. Please come and experience High Tea at the Lady, served daily from 2:00 to 4:00pm with a reservation one day in advance. 204-726-8785

And my last high is that euphoric feeling while being with little children who love you unconditionally. Chia, Luca, Nas, Lucy and Olivia… my sweet grandkiddies do that for me.

I truly hope that you find your passions that help you feel a ‘different kind of high’. See you soon my friend, xoB

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