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Welcome to Lady of the Lake Shop. It is with love and care that we select and display local and international products for your perusal. Feel free to come and browse in our 5,000 square foot shop. From decorating your home to gift giving to personal accessories we hope you will enjoy our selection.


Vintage furniture is our specialty. If you are looking for a piece to accent your modern décor or highlight your shabby chic home, come and see what we have in store. We are always collecting, painting and distressing a cute piece.


Our staff are available to help with your decorating project or gift selection. Remember that gift wrapping is complimentary and awfully darn purdy. 


We were awarded the prestigious “Best Gift Shop in Canada” award from the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association of Canada.


Come be inspired by our frequently changing artful displays and as Allison says “Lady of the Lake has always been my version of a "spa day", my breath of fresh air. I love to go into the shop and just wander, looking at the entire amazing & beautiful product.”


We are at your service! 

Cafe & Pub

Come and sit a spell in our sunny cafe. Our recommendation for lunch is a lovely piece of quiche with one of our fresh salads. The wine and cheese salad, fresh greens with goat cheese, grapes, pecans and our famous balsamic vinaigrette is a customer favourite. Then, indulge in a delicious slice of New York style cheesecake, while sipping a steaming cup of gourmet tea. 


Our cafe sources local food, organic when we can and make all our desserts, scones, dressings & sauces with quality ingredients. We purchase our bread from a local, organic bakery. In season, Stephanie grows a variety of our greens, veggies and flowers, straight from the farm to your table.

Gather the gals and take a moment to enjoy lunch at THE LADY!


"Excellent - great to find a place with a gluten free menu." - Marion

Lady of the Lake is an amazing venue for special celebrations. We have hosted weddings, birthdays and retirements with great success. The atmosphere is fab and the food is lovely. Have a peek at our party planner to see what we have to offer. If you have an occasion coming up, give Cory a call and have a chat. 204-725-4181.


“If I could celebrate my wedding again,

I would definitely have it at Lady of the Lake.” - Jennifer

Ginger's - Yoga


Dance Studio

Ginger's Dance Studio is located upstairs at Lady of the Lake. 

A lovely space for dance, yoga, art and aerial silk.

The studio is available for private functions.

Please click the link below for class schedules and to contact the instructors for information and to register.

Join us at Ginger's and honour thy body, mind and spirit!


"Rhythm is born in all of us. All you have to do is be a good average dancer, and anybody who spends the time and effort can

accomplish this."   - Ginger Rogers



"Fairy Queen, enchantress of great power,

You rule still in the Mists of the Otherworld    

With the Sidhe and your magical sisters

I hear faint splashes from the lake

See white swans majestically floating;

And there you are rising up amid the waters!    

Wearing your crown, with swirling wet hair…

You beckon, and post to a small boat

For me to climb in, and journey to Avalon."


- Beth Clare Johnson


(Sidhe in Irish folklore are earthen mounds believed to be home to fairies)

The name Lady of the Lake was inspired by the book, The Mists of Avalon,

by Marion Zimmer Bradley. We love the quote by Marion Zimmer Bradley,


“I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself”. 


The Lady of the Lake was a position held by various women throughout history. She educated young women on the Isle of Avalon. It was a time when women were treated with great respect and had influence in society. She has been called enchantress, queen, healer, shapeshifter & goddess.


Alfred Lord Tennyson adapted several stories of the Lady of the Lake in his "Idylls of the King."  He said that the Lady of the Lake was the good fairy queen that raised Lancelot, and gave King Arthur his sword, Excalibur, by holding the sword up from the middle of her Lake.


The Lady of the Lake represents the highest order of respect for yourself and

the manner in which you operate within the world around you.


Today we have tried to create an environment for women to gather with their families, to be nourished and to find beautiful things for themselves and their home. With the greatest care we want to inspire you and fill your senses with the wonder of these ancient times & maybe you will see a fairy!

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